Lessons From a Pan-London Elective Care Virtual Ward Deployment

The Presentation Highlights

The Challenge, Need and Solution
Nathan Roberts, The Cardiology Clinical Network Manager for the North London Network, outlines the challenges faced by the cardiology teams across London and highlights their specific needs and requirements, their objectives, and how they saw the solution delivering against those requirements.
Time Checked at 3:00 minutes
Configurable and Scalable Virtual Ward Dashboards
Dr Debashish Das discusses how active dashboards bring together a diverse data set providing the tools for clinical teams to identify and prioritise patients at risk across a diverse range of acuity, from population health to short-term intensive and near real-time monitoring.
Time Checked at 14:00 minutes
Treatment Pathways and Care Plans - Automated
Using automated treatment pathways modelled against establish best practice and incorporating support of the new standard operating practices (SOPs), the pathways could be standardised across the region, with minor adaptations for local resources and circumstance. The configurable automation within the platform supported consistent service delivery and reduced repetitive and time-consuming activities.
Time Checked at 16:00 minutes
Managing the Complete Population
Multiple Acuity Population Delivery, requires a responsive approach to the varying needs of patient groups based upon acuity. Standardisation of SOPs, tools, and practices provides the clinical teams with workforce flexibility to respond to evolving needs and circumstance delivered in a secure and scalable manner.
Time Checked at 24:00 minutes

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