Remote Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is an essential tool in determining both the progress and needs of patients.
Post-COVID and aligned with the NHS Long Term Plan, remote monitoring is increasingly important in toolkit of clinicals needing to respond to and prioritise patients based upon need.
Data Readouts


With Ortus by collecting regular patient data, both vital measures and patient reported symptoms, clinicians have greater insights into a patient's current situation and the direction of travel of their condition. This data, combined with smart processing tools, can be used both to identify deteriorating patients, and enable clinicians to respond by identifying those at risk of future adverse events.


Remote Management has been shown to significantly reduce hospital stays and rates of readmission. More specifically, use of the Ortus platform has been evaluated in clinical studies, demonstrating a 75% reduction in missed appointments, a 30% increase in clinical capacity, and a significant improvement in patient outcomes


Ortus aligns monitoring for specific conditions, providing the appropriate patient information and guidance, which promotes self-management and boosts engagement with patients. Combining to improve the timeliness and accuracy of the data available by clinicians. Patients report the benefits of being better informed and receiving more appropriate, convenient and personalised care.
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