Connecting Clinicians and Patients

Monitor, Track and Take Action.
  • Remote Monitoring of Patient Outcomes and Symptoms
  • Sharing Test Results and Questionnaires Remotely
  • Digital Clinical Dashboards
  • Patient Education and Consent Management
  • Consultations Choice in Virtual Or Physical Clinics
  • Increase Patient Access & Reduce DNAs
  • All Managed Through One Easy To Use Platform
Pulse rate

Capture and Monitor PREMs, PROMs and Bio-Markers from heart rate to blood pressure and many many more, including integration with devices.

Tracking trend

Track trends, identify indicators and view both population and individual parameters to identify trends and prioritise paients.

Take Action
Take Action

Immediately video, telephone or asynchronous consult based upon patient need, or simply schedule a virtual or traditional ward appointment all from one place.

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Connect with Patients

Share pathway and condition specific information and advice pro-actively when they join the pathway. Let them provide their vitals and symptoms from the convenience of their home and attend their appointments remotely whenever appropriate.
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Prioritise Patients with

Identify and understand who is improving or deteriorating with dashboards that present the key information to professionals quickly and easily.
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Collaboration and Codesign
for automation and Best Practice

Model best practice pathways addressing individual condition and population needs, report and monitor results and outcomes to benchmark and improve outcomes and operational delivery.
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Automated and Integrated Pathways

Our mission is simple: to inform and reduce clinician decision making and workload, keep patients engaged and informed and to centralise health data to facilitate patient, condition and population wide data-driven decisions.
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Clinical Dashboards
Configurable and Report Friendly
Configurable and Automated
Consent Management
Goal Setting
PROMs, PREMs & Vitals

Proud to work with our partners

Proud to work with pioneering and innovative partner organisations
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