Through Ortus’ integrated platform, pathways are customisable and configurable, ensuring flexibility and scalability, supporting and enabling  patients and clinicians. Shared and collected data can be viewed by the clinician through the Ortus dashboard.

On Referral

Once referred, patients are onboarded onto the Ortus platform and provided with online questionnaires. These standardised questionnaires, assessing health through pathway-specific measures (including PROMs and PREMs), may ask about symptoms, mood and patient’s needs.
Referral to Consultation


Having completed their health questionnaires, PROMs are evaluated by the necessary clinician, and booked for a consultation with the doctor. Whether this is virtual or in-person depends on the patient’s health status, and the need for physical examination.


Following a consultation, each patient is referred on to a pre-determined clinical pathway dependent on the nature and severity of their diagnosis. Patients are provided with additional information on the next steps, any upcoming procedures, and the need for further health questionnaires or at-home monitoring.
Consultation to Procedure


At this stage, data received from patient questionnaires and remote monitoring of patient vital signs can be evaluated through the Ortus dashboard. This enables clinicians to accurately determine the severity of a patient’s condition and the appropriateness of the upcoming procedure, aiding in the decision-making process. Patients may be provided with additional monitoring, or treated for outstanding health problems prior to the day of the procedure.


Following any intervention, further PROMs and health data will be collected. Patients will be booked into either a virtual or face-to-face follow-up consultation depending on their condition and their recovery will be assessed for any problems.
Procedure to Discharge
Clinicians Feedback

Clinicians' Feedback

  • 58% increase in patients seen in clinics
  • Post-operative discharge lead time reduced from 3-5 days down to 1-2 days
  • 85% of patients moved to optimal medicine titration; up from 11% previously
  • 75% reduction in Did Not Attends (DNAs)
  • 12-to-6-week reduction in first outpatient appointment lead time
  • 5000+ patients have used Ortus’ platform

Patients' Experience

  • 44 to 81% increase in questionnaire completion
  • 50% of patients reduced time off work using Ortus
  • 95% of patients were ‘Very Satisfied’ or ‘Satisfied’ with Ortus
  • 75% of users saved 1 hour plus travel and waiting time
  • 94 Year old, the most senior user
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