• Outpatients is failing
  • According to the the NHS Long Term Plan, the number of hospital outpatient appointments has almost doubled from 54million to 94million in the last 10 years, costing £8billion
  • 25% of doctors say 10-20% of patients need not have come to clinic while 28% of doctors say 10-20% of patients need not have been seen in person
  • In 2016-17, almost 8 million outpatient appointments were missed due to patients not attending , costing nearly £1billion
  • The Long Term Plan therefore calls for outpatient services to be fundamentally redesigned and digital solutions can reduce the need for up to half of outpatient appointments

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Our Solution

  • Outpatients redesigned
  • Digital pathways across multiple departments​
  • Cardiology, Cardiothoracics, Endocrinology, Oncology, Respiratory, General Surgery​
  • We have shown we can:
  • Reduce missed appointments from 12% to 3% for patients with atrial fibrillation - a 75% reduction in DNAs
  • See 10 additional patients in a 4 hour clinic slot - a 30% increase in capacity
  • Improve the rate of prescriptions of time-critical medications for heart attack survivors from 11% to over 80% - improved health outcomes
  • Satisfaction, time and cost savings for patients
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