Virtual Clinics

Virtual Clinics

Virtual clinics, using remote monitoring and telehealth options, offer clinicians and patients outpatient and follow-up appointments from the comfort of their own homes. Clinical need and patient choice can determine the preferred option.

Track Mob
Tablet App


Capture and Monitor PREMs, PROMs and Bio-Markers from heart rate to blood pressure and many many more, including integration with devices.


Track trends, identify indicators and view both population and individual parameters to identify trends and prioritise patients.

Take Action

Immediately video, telephone or asynchronous consult based upon patient need, or simply schedule a virtual or traditional ward appointment all from one place.

Increase Access, Safe & Cost Effective

Increasing Access

Virtual clinics, using remote monitoring and telehealth, offer outpatient and follow-up appointments from the comfort of their home. Initially driven by the pandemic and a need to limit face-to-face visits, the aims of these virtual clinics are twofold: to fast-track you to hospital if you need to be there, and to keep you out of hospital if you don’t. Virtual clinics are now used globally and ensure patients get rapid and convenient care.

Safer and More Convenient

In providing virtual clinics, both patients and professionals are better shielded from the risk of hospital infection, including COVID-19. In addition, clinicians can carry out asynchronous consultations for patients progressing as expected and take the immediate action appropriate for higher-priority patients.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

When remote monitoring and virtual clinics combine with health dashboards, patients can be assessed more regularly. Their consultation can be done in a clinically appropriate and convenient manner for both patient and clinician. This results in increased flexibility, reduced DNAs and improved service experience as reported by both parties.


Devices and Logistics

Premium device kits
Condition Specifc Equipment Kits

Our equipment sets are condition specifc and offers simplicity in data collection through our app. Our bluetooth supported connected devices like blood pressure monitors, glucometers, scales, pulse oximeters, EKGs and fitness trackers can be provided in pathway defined sets, easy to use, seamlessly syncing with our platform.

Logistics and Onboarding

Our Managed Logistics service handles the complete lifecycle management of devices necessary for your virtual wards deployment. Fast, efficient, and punctual delivery includes the option for an onboarding and familiarization call for your patients. Similarly, the return of equipment is managed seamlessly. In case a device needs to be returned due to damage, faults, or even accidental issues, we ensure a swift process. If the request is made before 12:00 midday, a replacement device will be delivered by the next working day.

Ortus Health

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Reduced Missed Appointments
Increased Efficiency and Capacity
Improved Clinical Outcomes

What they say

All the outcomes that we routinely record after [treatment] are very clinically-based. This gives us an opportunity to look at some metrics that are probably more important to patients: their quality of life, their symptoms, their observations, their medication. That’s all very easy to capture via the app [and that gives us the] potential for further research.

Dr Dan Jones, Consultant Cardiologist, Barts Heart Centre

Monitor – Track – Take Action

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