Welcome to Ortus-iHealth 2022

Ortus' latest release

We are proud to introduce our latest release of Ortus-iHealth’s digital platform, transforming how multidisciplinary teams can manage patient lists and wards.

Ortus iHealth

Clinician's Feedback

First Outpatient Appointment Lead Time Reduction
Reduction in Did Not Attends (DNAs)
Increase in Patients seen in Clinics
Post-operative Discharge Lead Time Reduction
Patients Moved to Optimal Medicine Titration
Up to Increase in Questionnaire Completion
Patients Reduced Time Off Work using Ortus
Patients were ‘Very Satisfied’ or ‘Satisfied’ with Ortus
Users saved 1 hour plus travel and waiting time

Ortus iHealth

Patient Experience


Proud to work with our partners

Honoured to work with pioneering and innovative partner organisations

Established in 2012, it is one of the largest NHS trusts in England running 5 hospitals in London
The Ortus Platform is available through Crown Commercial Services including the SPARK Framework
DigitalHealth.London connects NHS staff, digital health companies and academics

Monitor – Track – Take Action

Ortus I-Health

The future of Health care for clinicians and patients

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