Release of Ortus Clinician Portal Update 17th April 2022


Ortus-iHealth (Ortus) is pleased to announce the release of several key updates to the Ortus Portal for multidisciplinary hospital teams. These updates will change not only the user experience (UX) but also the functionality within Ortus for clinical and non-clinical users.


Why is Ortus applying this update?

Ortus is applying this update to the Portal to provide:

        An updated User Experience (UX)

        Increased functionality within the platform for clinical and non-clinical hospital teams when using the Ortus portal with patients.

What updates have been made?

Updates have been made to the following sections of the Ortus Portal:

        Virtual Ward

o   The Virtual Ward has been updated to include inputted Observations, Symptoms and Questionnaires (if a patient answers in the affirmative it will highlight the patient in the dashboard).

o   Patient-Inputted data will be displayed with colour-coded risk details, with ‘Action’ and ‘Actioned’ buttons presented with options for Hospital Teams to take actions and review actions taken across multi-disciplinary teams.

        Virtual Ward Messaging

o   Hospital Teams can now message individual patients, selected groups of patients, or all patients in a Virtual Ward directly from the Virtual Ward.

o   Messaging can be templated for improved efficiency, as well as the ability to review patients who have read or not read messages and send follow-up messages directly as required.

        Adding a Patient (via NHS PDS)

o   Adding a Patient to Ortus can now be completed by using the NHS Patient Demographic Service (PDS) functionality within the ‘Add Patient’ option of the Main Menu. (Go live end of Apil)

        Creation of Appointment Type

o   Appointment Types can be configured under the ‘Set-Up Menu’,

o   You can create different appointment types – Video, Face to face, Asynchronous (Results review/ Message review to patient)

o   You can also associate an appointment with documents or a video for patients to automatically receive when they are given an appointment.  

        Video Appointments without having to book an appointment on Ortus – Waiting Room Function

o   You can now do video consultations without having to give patients an appointment in the appointment diary in Ortus

o   Patients can use the waiting room functionality

o   They can choose their clinician who they have been told they have an appointment with (through trusts standard comms) and join a waiting room

o   The clinician can see patients who have checked-in for their appointment, with the ability to communicate with patients if the clinician is on time, running slightly late, or if there is the need to reschedule.

        Rehabilitation Module

o   Similar to Useful Documents, Rehabilitation Documents can be configured and associated with a diagnosis. These will be provided to patients automatically as part of their care pathway and accessed through the Patient’s portal.

        Next of Kin

o   Hospital Teams can now update Patients’ Next of Kin details in a Patient’s Profile.


Who is impacted by the updates?

Multi-disciplinary hospital teams and patients.


When will the change be applied?

The update will be applied at 5pm on Thursday 14th April 2022, with the service live for 9am Tuesday 19th April 2022.


What impact will there be on existing patients using Ortus?

Patients will be minimally affected by the updates, for example they may see a new Appointment Type (and associated information) appear under their appointments, or they may see new Rehabilitation Information made available to them from their Home Screen in their portal.


What steps do I take next?

Ortus has created the following videos that provides a detailed overview, and an in-depth side-by-side comparison, between the current Ortus Platform and the updated platform, please take the time to watch the clinicians walkthrough and shorter summary clips to familiarise yourself with the changes.

Ortus will be running drop-in sessions to support with any queries you may have on the following dates:

Insert dates/times (4x 30-min slots).



For detailed information about this change, please see the resources detailed above. If you have further questions or need further support, please contact the Ortus Team at or call 0333 090 1699 for further assistance.



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