The Evolving Landscape In our exploration of Virtual Wards within the NHS, we’ve delved into a realm where significant strengths intersect with notable challenges. The strengths of Virtual Wards lie in their evidence-based approach, patient-centric care, the efficiency of multidisciplinary teams, and the innovative use of technology, all contributing to t

A Virtual Ward and Remote Monitoring SWOT Analysis: Strengths and Threats (Part 2 of 3) In the first instalment of this three-part series, we touched on the transformative expectations and circumstances surrounding NHS England’s plans for the deployment of Virtual Wards. Programmes of this scale across an organisation as complex and diverse as the NHS [&h

A Virtual Ward and Remote Monitoring SWOT Analysis (Part 1 of 3) As professionals in the healthcare industry, we are witnessing a monumental shift in patient care. The adoption of Virtual Ward and Remote Monitoring technology within the UK NHS has been a game-changer. 🇬🇧💡 In my role at Ortus-iHealth, I’ve had the privilege of […]

At September’s CVD Prevention Conference run by Convenzis, Marie Manceau, a CVD Clinical Research Nurse at the East London Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Group, shared insights into their innovative project that focuses on preventing cardiovascular diseases among NHS staff. The project leverages the Ortus-iHealth platform, and in this blog post, we'll dive

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