Outpatient Transformation Conference 2021: Embracing Technology and Supporting Recovery

Convenzis' Outpatient Conference on September 23rd 2021

We are pleased to be attending the Convenzis' Outpatient Conference on September 23rd 2021. This online Conference brings together a number of key thought leaders and innovators who are working to change the face of outpatient services.

There is an evolving consensus among stakeholders in the NHS that outpatient care is a problem area primed and ready for innovation and service redesign.

The number of outpatient visits in England has doubled to 94 million in the past decade; 20 per cent of potential appointments are cancelled or reported as did not attend, costs have spiralled to £8 billion per year and appointments generate 4,700 million kg of carbon emissions.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, The NHS is giving patients greater control and convenience in their NHS hospital or clinic appointments. By offering telephone or video consultations, patients are empowered to book their follow-up care, with services working with GPs to avoid the need for an onward referral where possible.

As part of the NHS Long Term Plan, up to a third of the face-to-face appointments delivered in outpatient care will be avoided by embracing technology and arranging services around patients’ lives. This work also plays a significant role in supporting the recovery of hospital services in response to the pandemic.

Dr. Debashish Das on The Future of Cardiology Outpatient Services

Ortus' own Dr. Debashish Das will be presenting a Keynote Case Study on the future of Cardiology in a connected world.

Covering both the longer term outlook and highlighting some opportunities to respond to the immediate challenges of today, he will be reflecting on the last 3 years of the use of Virtual Clinics, Remote Monitoring and the importance of engaging both with patients and clinicians in delivery of services.

Reflecting on the experience at Barts, not only in Cardiology, but Oncology and other pathways, the Barts journey highlights the opportunities and challenges that are faced and overcome when embarking on a transformational journey.

The exciting agenda will provide high value take away on a number of subjects;

  • Outpatient Transformation Programme – Core aims and challenges
  • Video consultations in secondary care – Implementation and best practices
  • Patient Initiated Follow Up – Empowering the patient
  • Improving referral and triage processes
  • Improving support for self-management

With breakout sessions and the opportunity for a open discussions across a broad community of services, this will really be an exciting opportunity to share and learn across the broad family of professionals working ever vigilantly to maintain and support the increasing demand for already stretched outpatient services.

We are looking forward to an exciting, informative and stimulating conference.  If you'd like to know more please reach out on the form below, we'd love to hear from you.

See you there.

The Team at Ortus.

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